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Filmmaker Pan Nalin (Faith Connections; Samsara; Valley of Flowers; Ayurveda: Art of Being) at the Paris Writers Retreat, speaking about adapting books for film and story development.  

Images from our recent Writers Retreats in New York, Dublin, Paris, Provence, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mumbai and Dublin

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The acclaimed professional writing conference. 

Spring 2015

Paris Writers Retreat

May 25 - 29, 2015

"A literary inspiration" 
--Glamour magazine

"One of the world's best
writers' retreats"
--The Age 

Can't attend in person?  
Develop your book in 12 weeks, 

"Fascinating...A guide to the finer points of 
creative writing, including professional advice 
on the business side of getting published, even 
in the ultra-competitive US market." 
The Nation  

Story and manuscript development come alive at the Paris Writers Retreat. Download the complete Writers Retreat schedule from the Schedule page on this site. At each writers conference, we have many honored, accomplished authors and filmmakers, guest authors and writers from around the world.

Develop your book, fine tune your manuscript, and perfect your writing in progress. Writers of all levels attend to generate new material, develop ideas, or perfect works in progress. Led by NY Times best-selling author and literary agent Wendy Goldman Rohm, this international writers conference has been held since 2002 worldwide, originally inspired by Rohm's Masters Tea at Yale University.

At the Paris Writers Retreat, participating writers are guided through the creation process, fine tuning and perfecting their manuscripts--from the seed of an idea to a high-quality draft.

The Paris Writers Retreat includes all conference sessions (see Schedule) and continental breakfast. An optional group dinner and cocktail reception/ networking soiree is offered every evening. Our private loft is at one of the most beautiful spots in Paris. You may  Register online or write to . Or call 646-845-9185 if you need help with anything.


Special Event: June 17-21
Dublin's United Arts Club
hosts our
Dublin Writers Retreat​

Wendy Goldman Rohm, New York Times bestselling author and literary agent, has taught and lectured for MediaBistro, Yale University, onboard the QEII, and numerous universities and organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. She has presented her writing and book workshops in person and online since 2002, in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and India.

Rohm's work has been published by Random House, The New York Times Syndicate International, The Atlantic, Wired magazine, Tina Brown's Talk magazine, Vogue, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, FT, Playboy magazine, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others. She's also been a literary agent and author for Sterling Lord Literistic, New York; The Waxman Agency, New York; Waterside Productions; and founded the Rohm Literary Agency to represent emerging authors of fiction and nonfiction.

Ms. Rohm's writing workshops have been held in the US, India, France, Ireland, and Thailand, and have featured guest artists including Pulitzer Prize finalist Suketu Mehta (Maximum City; Knopf); Broadway producer Brian Swibel; screenwriter and film director Pan Nalin (Samsara; Valley of Flowers; Ayurveda: The Art of Being; and Faith Connections (2014); Obie-award-winning playwright Robert Auletta; legendary literary agent Mr. Sterling Lord (who represented authors Jack Kerouac and Ken Kesey, among others); Emmy- and Grammy- award-winning artist, writer, and creative director Prudence Fenton; playwright Fabrice Rozie (Transatlantic Liaison); acclaimed fiction and nonfiction authors Hilary Masters (How the Indians Buried Their Dead, and many other titles) and Kathleen George (The Odds, and other titles); author Sarayu Ahuja (Where the Streets Lead; Out of God's Oven; The Last Pretense); international bestselling author Peter Nichols;  Emmy Award winning writer Alan Cooke; journalist and author Victoria Clarke (A Drink with Shane MacGowan); children’s author Sonja Chandrachud (The Potion of Eternity; Penguin India), British screenwriter Jane Hawksley (Je T’aime Paris), and many others.  Rohm also hosts ongoing online Book Development Classes for authors worldwide. 

Other news:
Author Suketu Mehta, who has been a regular guest artist at the conference, has sold film rights to his best-selling book Maximum City, to Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire. He's been a guest speaker at the Paris Writers Retreat, along with other surprise guest artists, talking about his recent film deal and other literary adventures.

For the full schedule, go to the Writers Conference Schedule tab on this site.  You may register online through our secure site by clicking on Register and choosing your preferences. Or if you prefer to register by phone or would like additional information, write to Margaret Taylor at You may also call (US) 1-646-845-9185. 

Unable to attend in person? Be part of Ms. Rohm's 12-week online Book Development Class, or individual online seminars, with writers from all over the world. 


Praise from participating authors worldwide for Ms. Rohm's workshops and classes:

"In Sept. 2013, I had the happy experience of participating in the Paris Writers Retreat created and led by Wendy Goldman Rohm. The "retreat" was more like a charge forward, an energizing experience, propelling me (and I think all the participants).  
The experience was valuable for several reasons, including: updated information about how the book business is operating currently, including a presentation by a guest speaker in Los Angeles on optioning books for TV or film production; tips and practical exercises on writing techniques, and recommendations of readings that may serve as models or as sources of ideas to stimulate our own creative imaginations. But beyond all that was something hard to get from on-line forums or self-help books: the synergy of face-to-face contact and interchange, with Wendy Goldman Rohm and with the other participating writers. Wendy is a very experienced magazine writer, book author and agent (as you'll see if you check out her website), so there was a lot to learn from her. She was also closely attentive and constructively critical of the work as we produced it in workshop exercises. And it was also very helpful to engage with the other participants and they developed books completely unlike mine, suggesting other approaches and seeking solutions to some of the same problems of narrative structure, pacing, etc. The face-to-face exchange with an experienced professional, in real time and in a real place, is insurpassable" – Geoffrey Fox, Ph.D, Northwestern University, Harvard-educated author (A Gift for the Sultan). 

“I just accepted an offer on my book from St. Martin's Press (New York)!  In this economy as a first time non-celeb or no major platform writer I'm very excited to get this opportunity. I wanted to thank Wendy Goldman Rohm  for her help!!! I used a lot of your lessons in my editing!” --Melissa Malamut, author

"Wendy Goldman Rohm's students get published! Three writers in my group alone got major publishing contracts after taking her course!"-- Bess Gallanis, author, Chicago

"Wendy ran the best workshop ever!  The classes are exceptional.  I have done the Iowa Workshops for non-fiction books, and although they are excellent, Wendy's are more helpful and inspirational, i.e., they translate into moving projects forward with a lot of creative intensity." -- Darcy Evon, author, Smithsonian scholar, Chicago Sun-Times columnist

“Wendy Goldman Rohm possesses a rare ability to deepen and strengthen her students' writing. My novel improved greatly from the week with her at the September 2012 Paris Writers Retreat.
Wendy helped me strengthen the bones of my plot, sharpen the writing, and deepen my connection to soul of the story. I grew more in my craft than ever before.  
Every moment of struggle was worth the effort. New joys came from the work. ” –Beatrice Bowles, San Francisco 

"A brilliant retreat. Having arrived at the April 2010 retreat with just one simple sentence, I departed five days later with a fully-fledged main character, complete with voice, as well as most of the plot. Unheard of for me (and I suspect most normal writers) as plot and voice usually take months to materialise." --Hattie Edmonds, London, England

"Whatever stage of writing your book you find yourself – not yet started or almost done – Wendy’s classes are sure to fill in missing pieces and break through stumbling blocks. Whether it’s through her unique guided meditation method, where she navigates you through scenes in your own book with her soft voice, or running you through the ins and outs of getting published with her natural business savvy, you are sure to benefit from her tips and techniques that will get your book finished and at the door of publishers." -- AG, Bangkok, 2011.

"Wendy Goldman Rohm's 2011 Writers Retreat in Thailand  helped me tremendously. However soft and sensitive I may become as a monk, learning to be more harmless in whatever I do, I never really had the courage to think I could write in any way poetically. How wrong I was and how blessed to be able to attend the workshop. Funny how you think you know yourself and find an even greater surprise! Wendy's workshop was truly excellent. I have been recommending the workshop to friends who write and who have been pondering how to begin, or continue, a book. Being such a solo experience, it is good to be working with someone who has a high level of experience in all aspects of writing, to get practical help and gentle assistance to close in on what you really want to write to find your voice as a writer. Rohm's workshop is really worth the time and effort if you've ever considered writing a book. It was a real breath of fresh air. Thank you!"
  --Jake Chapman, monk and teacher, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 2011

"An exhilarating conference.."  
--Andrew Biggs, author and columnist 
The Bangkok Post, January 2011

"I am an aspiring novelist. I took Wendy's course last June (2009) in Paris and I found it very useful and practical on many levels -- well worth the cost of admission. The others who were taking the course were also aspiring writers, with a great deal of writing skill among them, and they were good colleagues and very positive critics. The whole dynamic was excellent, and I was sorry, but wiser, when it was over." 
--Dr. Gordon Black, Paris

“The 12-week Book Development class really energized the writing of my novel. I have gone through the completed manuscript more and am finding it harder to find sections that need tweaking. I spent some time on a new novel and like the direction that it is headed in. Then I picked up an old story that I worked on for a good while and absolutely figured out how to make it work!!! I can't tell you how excited that made me. I worked on the first novel for about 8 months and couldn't figure out how to tie it all together. Now I have and can't wait to do just that. Your class feedback has been amazing. Thank you for that!” ---Jon Pendergrass, Little Rock, AK

"The Paris Writers Retreat has literally changed my life in many ways. I knew I had stories to tell but I also knew I didn't have the tools to create a gripping narrative. Attending the Retreat, listening to Wendy's sage advice and following her practical guidance, has been a godsend. An unexpected bonus was how warm, intelligent and helpful the other members of the group were. I really didn't expect to have the privilege of feedback from such educated, experienced and wise classmates. In addition to learning how to write my best and in my best voice, I also acquired a new circle of friends. So, what can I say about having attended the Paris Writers Retreat? I guess 'Lucky me!' says it all."
-- N.Lane, Paris, France

“Having worked in the media business (television, magazines and newspapers)  for twenty years, my wings are broken and my writing voice cut in pieces.
After the Paris Writers Retreat with Wendy Goldman Rohm, I can almost fly again and sing  from my inner, true voice. Thank you ever so much." --Ingrid Maria (Werner) Ericsson, Paris
(Swedish journalist, writer & illustrator)

“The Paris Writer's Retreat was very powerful.  As a somewhat resistant writer, I felt overwhelmed by my book project and wanted help. Since the group was small, I was immediately comfortable with Wendy and the others.  One of the most helpful exercises for me was a guided meditation that took us from writing in the first person to writing in the third person. It completely surprised me that I could bring in such diverse emotions from the two different perspectives. That exercise alone will make my book far richer. The workshop on Publishers, Literary agents and Editors was also very important. Staying at a fabulous hotel in Paris gave it an almost magical quality, but having an intelligent, talented and fun loving facilitator made it completely worthwhile. Wendy Goldman Rohm is precious and I couldn't have planned out, or asked for, a more delightful, fulfilling week. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my book's progress.”
---Glenda Bloom Ackley, Idyllwild, Calif.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. This has really inspired me to work on getting everything together to try and solicit interest from an agent and a publisher. The whole goal of getting an advance; to stop working in this vacuum, and just write, is such a tantalizing goal... I mean, wow! I was really startled by people's reaction to my story. I have always thought of it as a dark and frightening passage in my history, I never considered that people might actually be eager to hear about something that gruesome. I am so glad I came to this event. It was very well executed, and it has given me a lot of hope. Where before I was feeling like I needed to write my personal story, just so I could get it out of the way and start writing something else, I now almost feel like everything happens for a reason, and I am getting closer to my true calling. Thank You Wendy!"
---Andy Alper, Chicago

"Great workshop ... I learned a ton, and met some wonderful people.Take care and thanks again for a terrific weekend."--James Roswell Quinn, Chicago

"A big Thank You to Wendy Goldman Rohm for her excellent Writers' Retreat at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin yesterday (Sat. 25 April 09). I personally got a lot from the day from the advice from Wendy and from meeting other writers on the course. I hope to keep in contact with as many of my fellow 'retreaters' as possible." --Paul Fitzsimons, Dublin, Ireland

"The Writers Retreat in Mumbai was fabulous and probably the first time such an even was held in India for writers. I don't know if that's a fact but thats what I think. One thing is for sure, from the feedback I got it was evident that your being here gave a lot of hope to those who attended. For me your presence was a blessing. I had submitted my query letter by email to many Literary Agents but got no interested responses. Suddenly you were here, you understood what I had to say, you were interested and once again hope came back letting me know that one day these precious words that have moved my soul and changed my life will somehow make their way into print and be read by people all over the world. Thanks for everything. "
-- Dr. Rohit Juneja CHt., R.H., R.M.P (A.M)
Spiritual Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Corporate Trainer

"I had a marvelous time and truly enjoyed the workshop. My only regret was that I could only attend one day. Wendy you area fabulous mentor. Thank you ever so much." --Sharon Lang, Chicago

"Thank you Wendy. Your workshop was inspiring, exciting and stimulating. It gave me faith that if I really do want to write a book, start today, which I did. Anyone who wants to express their inner voice in the written word really has an obligation to do so. And so I look forward to another workshop or a weekly or monthly gathering to get into the habit of writing, get feedback and produce. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your very positive feedback. I thank the group as well for being so supportive." --Ros Kaspi, Chicago

"Wendy is a fantastic instructor and this course is a great starting point for someone who is thinking about getting a book published, but just doesn't know where to start. Wendy was down-to-earth, accessible and honest - the class encouraged me to keep working on my writing, and helped me know what to expect from the literary industry." - Marthe Druska

“If you have a great idea for a book and need a primer on how to shop the idea and develop a great book proposal, this is the class. Wendy offers great advice and walks you through the process of getting your nonfiction book idea published. She's very approachable and makes time to help you. I'd like to take a longer workshop with her as I develop my book proposal! I thought it was time and money well spent!” --Mike Reilley

“Wendy Goldman Rohm offers insider information about the publishing industry, both from the standpoint of an agent and an author. Her stories are entertaining and informative, and her interest in learning more about the participants and their book ideas is refreshing and makes for an engaging seminar.”--Susan Blumberg-Kason

“Wendy was very forthcoming about the publishing industry and her experience as both an author and an agent. She was interested in the participants' book ideas, which I thought was very encouraging. The course content was appropriate. Some people knew more about proposal writing than others, but the instructor covered the material so that it appealed to both the novice and the seasoned agent-seeker. She also tailored what she spoke about according to our interests.”

“The course content was excellent. Wendy proved to me that I have a lot of work ahead to achieve what I am after. She has done a fine job of introducing me to this next adventure. Keep her around!”

“Wendy was great. Full of tips and great advice. She was very relaxed and the time flew by. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and it felt like half that. If you have a great idea for a book and need a primer on how to shop the idea and develop a great book proposal, this is the class. Wendy offers great advice and walks you through the process of getting your nonfiction book idea published. She's very
approachable and makes time to help you. I'd like to take a longer workshop with her as I develop my book proposal! I thought it was time and money well-spent!”


The Press on our workshops and conferences:

Feb. 7, 2011

From The Nation

So you want to be an author

By Chami Jotisalikorn
Special to The Nation

"Imagine yourself in a dark, dark space with no light," Wendy Goldman Rohm whispers to the 10 people seated in a comfortable hotel conference room.
    Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panorama of the Bangkok skyline, but none of the aspiring writers in the room are paying any attention to the view.       
    Everyone sits with eyes closed, intently channelling a character from their book into a dark birthing room. By the end of the exercise, all hands are scribbling furiously in notebooks as people, settings and moods take shape on what had begun as that writer's dread - blank pages.
   For people who dream of writing a book and getting it published, the Bangkok Writer's Weekend Workshop is a guide to the finer points of creative writing, including professional advice on the business side of getting published, even in the ultra-competitive US market. 
     Rohm, a literary agent as well as a New York Times best-selling author, has been conducting classes like this since 2002.
  "A book is like a picture frame," she says. "You need to decide what's in the frame, what's in the foreground and what's in the background. These become your central theme and sub-themes, but all the themes must all be linked."
  At one point she issues a stern warning: "Flashbacks are a bad writing habit." Furrowed brows appear, especially on the faces of those writing biographies. But Rohm has a work-around, and leads the participants through a series of exercises that give birth to all sorts of unexpected new ideas and even the seeds of new books.
  The course is open to all writers, regardless of what stage they've reached in their work, and attracts an eclectic mix of ages, nationalities and professional backgrounds.
  This weekend there's a precocious 11-year-old, Sila Puhl, who's writing an adventure novel, and 69-year-old retired diplomat Alberto Moyano Bonel from Spain, who's written his memoir and is looking for a publisher.
    An American man is compiling a book about his hair-raising adventures as a military contractor in Afghanistan, and a Malaysian painter is writing and illustrating a children's book. Another American, a marketing executive, is writing a biography, and several journalists are trying their hand at fiction.
    With patience and personalised attention, Rohm coaches each writer, offering advice on their books' structure and how they can best be shaped to win over an agent or publishing house.
    It's fascinating to hear about Rohm's own experiences. Her work has appeared in Men's Vogue, Wired, the Boston Globe, the Financial Times and the Washington Post. Her first book, "The Microsoft File", was an instant bestseller in 1998 with its account of the US anti-trust litigation against the software giant.
  A resulting speaking engagement at Yale University inspired her to start teaching writing, and she's done so in America, Europe and India. She worked as a literary agent in New York and California before founding the Rohm Agency to represent emerging authors.
  The annual Thailand workshops also feature guest speakers. Previous speakers include Thitinart na Phattalung, whose self-help book "The Life Compass" sold 1.3 million copies in Thailand, Pulitzer Prize finalist Suketu Mehta ("Maximum City"), Broadway producer Brian Swibel, screenwriter-director Pan Nalin ("Samsara"), and Sterling Lord, who was once Jack Kerouac's agent.
  Past workshops have been held on Koh Phangan and in Chiang Mai. Find out more about Rohm and the workshops at


On our conference in Mumbai, India:

Hindustan Times, Feb. 14 2009:

Aspiring Writers Flock for Author's Tips

MUMBAI--- Heartened by the success of Slumdog Millionaire, The White Tiger and The Sea of Poppies, a group of aspiring writers took a leap of faith and enrolled for a Writers Retreat organized by New York Times bestselling author Wendy Goldman Rohm, in Mumbai.

The inaugural session of the two-day retreat and workshop in Powai saw journalists, screenwriters, lawyers, boxing coaches, diamond merchants, IT professionals and TV directors spare their weekend to gather tips on writing, getting published and being successful, from Rohm, a literary agent who has been conducting such sessions across the US and Europe since 2002.

"I had all this knowledge from being in the publishing business and have been on both the writer's and agent's side of the spectrum," said the author of narrative nonfiction.

Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found author and dear friend Suketu Mehta urged Rohm into hosting her first workshop in India, for which majority attendees got word through Facebook.

"After my father was diagnosed with cancer, I started mulling over my purpose. I want to write to bring meaning to my life," said 30-something Nihar Mehta, a diamond merchant.

Rohm's session in Mumbai featured guests such as writer and Broadway director Brian Swibel and Jane Hawksley (Je T'aime Paris), via audio conference.

"Good writing transcends cultural backgrounds. I tend to lean towards stories riddled with odds and attempts to overcome them. a watershed film and indicative of the changing times," said Swibel.

The session packed in established writers with ready scripts, first-time directors and ghost writers-all of whom seeking information specific to their genres.

"It's quite broad-based right now. I am hoping to get tips on specifically how to write and publish a novel," said TV director Reshma Ghosh.

Mingling genres and basics and more advanced aspects of writing was a deliberate move of Rohm. "I have initiated an online digital course, which the Mumbai participants can dial into next week for a one-on-one with Suketu and [Slumdog Millionaire author] Vikas Swarup," Rohm said.